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    Introduction to the School of Information and Control Engineering

    School of Information and Control Engineering of Qingdao University of Technology was established in 2018. It is an important decision made by the university to adapt to the requirements of new situation, realize the connotation development and serve the major projects of the transformation of old and new growth drivers. It is integrated by the former college of Automation Engineering, college of Computer Engineering and College of Communication and Electronic Engineering.

    shuThere are 191 faculty members, including 74 master supervisors. 95 senior titles, accounting for 49%; There are 98 teachers with doctor's degree, accounting for 68% of the full-time teachers. There are three first-tier descipline master's programs in Control Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, and Information and Communication Engineering, professional Masters degree in Electronic information engineering. The school has 9 undergraduate majors, including computer Science and Technology, Electronic Information Engineering, Automation, Electrical Engineering and automation, Software Engineering, Communication Engineering, Building electrical and intelligent, Robotics Engineering, cyberspace security. Automation and computer science and technology majors crowned successively as "provincial characteristic specialty". Computer science and technology, electronic information engineering approved national first-class undergraduate specialty construction. Electrical engineering and its automation, communications engineering, software engineering, building electrical and intelligent approved the provincial first-class undergraduate professional construction point. Two high-level applied professional groups in Shandong Province were approved. Electronic information engineering, automation through the engineering education professional certification.

    The School has set up Shandong Provincial Engineering Research Center for Industrial Sensing and Intelligent Technology, Qingdao Municipal Engineering Research Center for Building Electrical Energy Saving and Intelligent Technology, University level research platform Key Laboratory of Information and Communication Engineering, Institute of Computer and Control Engineering, Institute of Information Countermeasures and other scientific research institutions. In the past three years, the school has undertaken 35 projects above the provincial and ministerial level with a funding amount of more than 5.7 million yuan, including 8 national projects with a funding amount of more than 2.8 million yuan. The amount of the horizontal contract is more than 14 million yuan, and the amount of the achievement transformation contract is more than 3.1 million yuan. 27 invention patents have been authorized, and 4 awards have been awarded at or above department level. More than 380 academic papers have been published , including more than 160 in SCI and 80 in EI.

    In recent years, the school has hosted high-level events (conferences) such as Shandong University Students' Science and Technology Innovation Seminar, "Blue Bridge Cup" National Software and Information Professional Talent Competition, Shandong Robot Competition, Qingdao Intelligent Car Competition, etc. The Management Measures of Discipline Competitions have been formulated, and 20 teacher guidance teams have been set up, creating a good atmosphere for teachers and students to actively participate in discipline competitions. In the national College student Electronic Design Competition, International ACM-ICPC College Student Programming Competition, National College Student Intelligent Car Competition, "Blue Bridge Cup" National Software and Information Professional Talent competition and other disciplines, the company has won more than 500 national awards and 1700 provincial awards. The number of university-level scientific and technological innovation projects and national and provincial innovation and entrepreneurship training programs for college students ranks first in the university. The three science and technology societies of the college, "Developer Club", "Electronic Science and Technology Association" and "Network Association", were all awarded as "Excellent College Students' Science and Technology Association of Shandong Province".

    The school actively carried out cooperation and exchange with foreign universities and organizations, with Kwangyun University of Korea, Magdeburg University of Applied Technology of Germany, India National Institute of Information Technology, Japan Suwa Tokyo University of Science and other institutions for communication; With Qingdao Meteorological Bureau, IBM (China) Research and Development Center, Qingsoft Group, Neusoft Group and other departments and enterprises to promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation, school-enterprise cooperation of professional personnel training achievements, successfully approved as "Qingdao Service outsourcing personnel training accreditation Organization".

    Standing in the new historical period, all the teachers and students of the school will continue to adhere to the spirit of "indomitable, resolute, heavy, brave and load-bearing" of the university of technology, adhere to the direction of socialist education, follow the law of higher education, implement the fundamental task of building virtue and cultivating people, with a broader vision, a more open attitude, and more persistent efforts. Strive for the goal of "building a high level applied research university with distinctive characteristics"!